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Recycling for

You can become an active recycler, save the environment, and make money at the same time! We will pay you for your used printer inkjet cartridges. Just collect a shoe sized box of used Printhead inkjet cartridges and we will collect them for FREE. Only have a handful of inks? No problem! Request one of our FREEPOST bags!


  • The initiative is simple, easy and hassle free. You just need to collect the inks, return the box, and get paid for your inks!  

  • Speak to friends & families - The more people you speak to, the more inks you can collect

  • If you'd prefer to donate, you can instead raise funds for your charity or causeWe’ve already raised over £900K for charities & organisations throughout the UK

  • Ask your local café, corner shop, library, or local business to help by placing one of our BRAND-NEW DISPLAY BOXES in their stores


the main benefits of THE INDIVIDUALS

  • Get Paid! – You get money for your Inks. Simple as! 

  • Reduce your carbon footprint – You get to be part of an eco-friendly scheme

  • FREE support - Tailored, reliable service to suit you, we work around you

  • No Contracts – No Commitments, No Catch & No Fee! 

  • Donate – You can donate the funds to any charity of your choice

  • Could this be more? – If you're looking to commit to recycling inks and raising more funds, we can provide resources to help such as; flyers, posters etc.

Why not request our brand new Think-Inks Display Box to raise funds for your cause effortlessly. It’s perfect for display and can be used during events and fundraisers! Do you have a place in mind to show this box off? Request a box below to get started!

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