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Are you looking for new and easy ways to raise funds for your charity or organisation? Then look no further you have come to the right place! No matter how big or small, we are happy to help support everyone.  

  • The initiative is simple, easy and hassle free. Using our BRAND-NEW DISPLAY BOX you just need to collect the inks, return the box, and get paid for your inks!  

  • The more people you speak to, the more inks you can collect

  • Educate your staff and volunteers through your website and social media pages

  • Regular posts on social media means your followers will interact more and help raise more for your cause 

  • Advertise through fundraisers and events – We can get involved and run free workshops/assemblies/lectures (or whatever suits your needs!)  

  • Re-iterate environmental issues and how this can be reduced, by donating used ink cartridges rather than throwing them into landfill

  • We can collect from anywhere, so get your corporate partners involved

  • We’ve already raised over £900K for charities & organisations throughout the UK!

  • Use your contacts! - Ask your local café, corner shop, library, or local business to help by placing a box in their stores


the main benefits of charity and organisations program:

  • Increase revenue – You get money for your Inks. Simple as! 

  • Reduce your carbon footprint – You get to be part of an eco-friendly scheme  

  • Content for social media – We provide FREE resources and material giving you content for your social platforms

  • FREE support - Tailored, reliable service to suit your organisation, we work around you

  • One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! - You are asking people for items they would normally throw away; they will be glad to give them to you, it is easier than asking for money

  • Opportunity to grow your team – You have a huge opportunity to set tasks for your existing volunteers, you can recruit more volunteers and the tasks are endless! We can offer glowing references for your volunteers for their hard work


Place your Think-Inks display box in your shop window to encourage your customers to help raise funds for your charity or cause whilst making a difference to help the environment. You can even place the Think-Inks display box in your:

  • Receptions

  • Sales floor

  • Staff rooms

  • Prayer rooms

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