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Terms of use


“WBM Ltd.” refers to the company Waterloo Business Management Limited, with registered office located at Adelaide Mill, Gould Street, Oldham, OL1 3LL; which includes the division “Think-Inks”, which may participate in the performance of the contract. Each reference to Think-Inks is upon the understanding that the underlying responsibility is with WBM Ltd. as the company. 

“Account holder / individual and account holder / individual(s)” means the person / people, firm, company, charity, school, and all other organisations to whom Think-Inks supply, services, subject to these terms and conditions. 

“The Service” means removal of waste / used inkjet printer cartridges, disposal or collection as agreed from time to time. Supply of any equipment, boxes, promotional material etc. for use by the account holder / individual ancillary to the removal/collection of inkjet printer cartridges. 

“Used Inkjet Printer Cartridges” means unwanted and / or empty waste printer cartridges, which are no longer required or are to be disposed of. 

“Used Printhead Inkjet Printer Cartridges” means unwanted and / or empty waste printer cartridges, which are no longer required or are to be disposed of; whereby “Printhead” is a specific type of inkjet printer cartridge – containing a circuit and ‘metallic nozzle’ where the ink is transferred to the paper. 

“Value” means the monetary worth for ink cartridges received.

"Donation" means the total value Think-Inks transfer to the account holder / individual / organisations bank account in exchange for ink cartridges received. 

“Waste Transfer Note” means a note under the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011, produced to cover the movement of waste from one site to another. 

“Print-Recycle” refers to the division within WBM Ltd. whom arrange and manage the recycle service relating to waste / used printer consumables including but not limited to, toner cartridges, drum units, fuser units and waste toner bottles.

“Freepost recycle bags” refers to recycle bags which Think-Inks can supply for the account holder / individual to send used Printhead inkjet cartridges to Think-Inks using pre-paid postage bags. The freepost recycle bags must include a minimum of 4 Printhead inkjet printer cartridges from the list of accepted inks detailed on the website.





Think-Inks specialise in the collection and processing of all used inkjet printer cartridges for reuse and recycling with a FREE collection service across the UK (see collection section for more details). This is specifically for all inkjet printer cartridges only. 

For toner cartridges and other printer consumables, you should contact Print-Recycle customer services, as Think-Inks do not provide a collection service for these items. You can contact Print-Recycle on +44(0)800 083 6555 or

Think-Inks accept all makes and models of OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) and non-OEM (compatible and remanufactured) inkjet printer cartridges. Think-Inks do not reject any inkjet printer cartridges. Think-Inks only issue a specific list of inks to collect when the account holder / individual is requesting to use the freepost recycle bags (see freepost recycle bags for more information). Think-Inks will only give a donation for inkjet printer cartridges in line with current market values (see Payment section for more details). All used inkjet printer cartridges collected by Think-Inks are either processed for reuse or are recycled following WBM Ltd.’s Environmental Policy and the Waste Hierarchy as required in order to comply with British Government standards. 

The account holder / individual is not bound to a contract of service with Think-Inks, unless separately and specifically agreed to. All Agreed Terms of Service will be subject to these Terms and Conditions. There is no minimum requirement to use the service provided by Think-Inks. 


 Free Collections 

Think-Inks offer a free collection service across the UK. For collections off mainland UK, the account holder / individual must contact Think-Inks to discuss, as there may be charges involved. Contact can be made via the ‘Contact Us’ page which can be found here. Think-Inks have the option to provide a chargeable collection service on an individual basis. The options provided are at the sole discretion of Think-Inks and are not compulsory. If the account holder / individual does not agree with the collection options provided, the account holder / individual has the right to decline and arrange an independent method of collection and delivery. Think-Inks do not have to provide a collection option. To arrange collection, the account holder / individual must complete an online collection enquiry, which can be found on the Think-Inks website here. Once the enquiry has been received, Think-Inks will send a collection label to the email address provided by the account holder / individual. The collection label must be attached to the collection box(es). 

Collections are usually made within 2 working days of receiving the request (excluding weekends and bank holidays), however, Think-Inks does not commit to completing collections within this period of time. As Think-Inks use a third-party courier to make collections, Think-Inks cannot provide precise collection timeframes. Think-Inks can confirm the date of collection and provide a window of time in which the collection will take place (this is usually in between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday – Friday). If a collection fails for any reason the account holder / individual will have 5 calendar days to take the box(es) to their nearest post office with the shipping label(s) attached. If the box(es) have not been shipped after this time the shipping label(s) will be invalid and cannot be used. At this time the account holder / individual should contact Think-Inks if they still want to recycle their inks. Think-Inks will advise the account holder / individual on how to proceed, one option being the account holder / individual to arrange their own shipping to the Think-Inks sorting facility. Any shipments arrange by the account holder / individual must be booked in with Think-Inks as a valid goods in number is required which must be displayed on the box(es). Any boxes that arrive without being booked in are subject to being refused and returned to sender. Think-Inks hold the right to offer additional free collections. Think-Inks are not obliged to rebook collections. Think-Inks cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or other issues that may occur during transit. It is strongly recommended that all used inkjet printer cartridges are packed securely to minimise the risk of damage. The free collection service, if appropriate and confirmed by WBM Ltd., does not guarantee item(s) will be received in the same condition they were sent. If an issue occurs relating to the condition of the cartridges collected then, an online general enquiry must be sent to Think-Inks for an investigation to take place. The online general enquiry form can be found on the Think-Inks website here. The outcome of the investigation is at the sole discretion of Think-Inks. The shipping label provided must be clearly and visibly attached to the collection box(es). If the shipping label is not clearly and visibly attached to the collection box(es) or becomes damaged during transit, Think-Inks will try to establish the origin of the collection box(es). If this is not possible to do so, Think-Inks have the right to donate the value raised to either a partnered charity or a charity of their choosing. Think-Inks have absolute discretion on method and length of time spent investigating the origin of where the unknown box originated and the donation process, including choice of Charity, time and method of donation and amount donated. Think-Inks have the right to refuse and / or return any items collected and / or received. Think-Inks do not insure the inkjet printer cartridges collected and no warranty is given regarding the date, time method or nature of the collection or subsequent transfer to Think-Inks premises and the risk in the inkjet cartridges remains with the account holder / individual until delivered and processed at the premises of Think-Inks. Any claims made by the account holder / individual against Think-Inks or WBM Ltd. is limited to the second-hand value of the empty inkjet cartridges collected from time to time from the account holder / individual. 

The account holder / individual shall provide to Think-Inks or their third-party collectors, all reasonable assistance and access to facilitate the collection of the ink jet cartridges. 


 Freepost Recycle Bags 

Think-Inks can supply freepost recycle bags for the account holder / individual to recycle used Printhead inkjet printer cartridges. Think-Inks have detailed a ‘list’ of specific Printhead inkjet printer cartridges which can be accepted via the freepost recycle bags. Only the Printhead inkjet printer cartridges detailed on this list can be sent via the freepost recycle bags. Failure to include a minimum of 4 of the inks on this list per freepost recycle bag and / or including other inkjet cartridges not on the list, will result in no funds being donated for the inks included regardless of any potential value included and also may result in Think-Inks refusing to supply further recycle bags. Think-Inks hold the right to refrain from supplying the account holder / individual further freepost recycle bags. In addition, Think-Inks can contact the account holder / individual to explain that no more recycle bags will be supplied and why.

 Think-Inks Display Boxes  

Think-Inks can supply free of charge, display boxes to assist with collections and fundraising activity. The display boxes are to remain with the account holder / individual. Once  the box is full the inks should be emptied into a used cardboard box for shipping. Think-Inks hold the right at any time and without notice to cease providing the display boxes and connected services, such as but not limited to the free collections.

 Environmental and Legal Compliance 

Think-Inks are a division of WBM Ltd., therefore all licences and permits held by WBM Ltd. include all business aspects and activities of Think-Inks. 

WBM Ltd. are registered with the UK Environment Agency and hold a waste carrier licence. This is a permit which allows WBM Ltd. to collect and process waste, including printer cartridges. 

You can search WBM Ltd. at to view the registration details. 

It is the producer of the waste’s responsibility to generate a waste transfer note, however Think-Inks can do this on their behalf. If regular collections are being made from the same location, Think-Inks will issue the waste transfer note annually, otherwise they will be issued for each collection. Think-Inks will hold electronic copies of the Waste Transfer Notes for up to 5 years and these can be requested at any time by sending an enquiry here. 

WBM Ltd. hold a Waste Management Exemption License under article T16 which covers both WBM Ltd. and the division of Think-Inks. The details of this registration can also be searched and checked at: 

Both parties to this agreement must ensure they comply with all relevant environmental legislation at all times. 

This agreement and its terms are determined in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. 

The rights of the Account Holder/Individual are not assignable to any third party. 


Individuals / Organisations
For Think-Inks to give a donation for collected used Printhead inkjet printer cartridges, a FREE account must have been created to include an account holders name, address (business or personal), contact details (telephone number, email address) and bank details. Your account is created by Think-Inks on your behalf from the details given on any request form excluding general contact forms. As of 23.03.2022 there is no sign-in option to access your account.

Think-Inks will provide email confirmation of the value of used Printhead inkjet printer cartridges collected each time a collection has been made and once all of the used inkjet printer cartridges have been received at the Think-Inks sorting facility, sorted and processed. This process is usually completed within 28 days however, Think-Inks do not commit to any period of time for this to be completed.

As standard procedure, Think-Inks will make all donations via bank transfer. If the account holder requires to receive the payment via cheque, the account Holder must make this clear in advance before the donation is arranged. 

A minimum donation of £10.00 must be raised before Think-Inks can process the transfer. If this minimum has not been reached, Think-Inks will hold the donation on the account holders account, until the minimum has been reached and at that time Think-Inks will process the donation for transfer. Think-Inks hold the right to decide if a donation which has not reached the minimum can be transferred but are not obliged to do so.

The account holder or Think-Inks may terminate this agreement at any time by providing to the other party notice in writing sent to the offices of the other party. Upon termination howsoever, the account balance held by Think-Inks will be donated to a charity if not specified by the account holder the charity will be chosen by Think-Inks. 

 Charitable Donations 

Think-Inks offer an option to donate the value of inkjet printer cartridges recycled to charity. The account holder / individual may request for the credit on their Think-Inks account to be donated to either one of Think-Inks listed charities or a charity of the account holder / individuals choosing. Either a bank transfer or cheque will be made to the chosen charity for the full value raised. The value raised cannot be split between the account holder / individual and the chosen charity, the full amount must be donated. Think-Inks will either transfer the funds or present the cheque to the chosen Charity on behalf of the account holder / individual. 

 Credit Card Security 

There is no credit card payment facility for this service. Think-Inks do not provide an online sales service. 


The value of the inkjet printer cartridges will be determined by Think-Inks at the time of sorting and processing the collection. Think-Inks reserve the right to amend the value at any time and do not have to communicate or give notice of this to the account holders / individuals. 

Think-Inks can take into consideration and deduct the associated costs of collection, sorting, processing, waste-handling, and licensing costs and damaged items when determining the value of a particular collection. It may be necessary to give a zero value for a collection if there are not sufficient un-damaged used printhead inkjet cartridges to cover associated costs. Think-Inks will not give a negative value (charge) for the collection, however, may refuse to collect in future if value cannot be derived from the collections. 

Think-Inks will, from time to time, communicate the general and approximate value of used Printhead inkjet printer cartridges, but are not obliged to communicate these changes to account holders / individuals. 
Think-Inks do not publish a price list or value for individual items. 

The total calculated value will be credited to the account holder / individuals Think-Inks account. 


Inks are processed in order of their date of receipt. During busy periods of the year, it may take more than 28 days to process inks. All account holders / individuals who provided an email address will receive a confirmation email once the process is complete. 

Any disputes over quantities, models, makes, brands and/or value of any item(s) collected shall be investigated at the sole discretion of Think-Inks. Where an investigation does take place, the outcome of the investigation made by Think-Inks is final. 

Due to the volume of collections and used inkjet printer cartridges processed, Think-Inks are unable to return any items to the sender whether they are faulty or requested to be returned at any stage. 

 Competition / Incentive(s) 

Think-Ink occasionally run competitions or incentives via their website, social media, or email. There is no entry fee, no cost and / or no penalties to enter / take part. 

All employees of WBM Ltd., their family members and anyone else connected in any way (including organising and running the competition / incentive(s)) are not permitted to enter. 

Think-Inks hold the right to cancel or amend the competition / incentive(s) and the terms and conditions at any time and without notice. Any changes or cancellations to the competition / incentive(s) will be advised to entrants at the earliest convenience to Think-Inks. 

No cash alternative to prizes will be offered if the prize declared is not cash. Prizes are not transferable and are subject to availability. Think-Inks hold the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice. 

The winner will be notified via email or phone within 24 hours of competition closing. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not claim the prize within 7 days of notification, Think-Inks hold the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and close the competition or select a replacement winner from the remaining entrants. The decision in respect of all matters relating to the competition will be made by Think-Inks and is final. 

By entering any competition / incentive(s), all entrants are indicating their agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. 

If the winner allows, upon request made by Think-Inks, a notice may be placed on Think-Inks website and / or social media pages, advertising the name and / or company / organisation of the winner and the prize won. Any other personal data relating to the winner and all other entrants involved in the competition / incentive(s) will be used solely in accordance with the current (UK) data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the entrant’s prior consent. 

All competition / incentive(s) are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with any third party. 

 Amendments or Withdrawal 

Think-Inks hold the right to amend or withdraw these terms and conditions without notice. It is the responsibility of the account holder / individual to remain aware of the terms and conditions. An up-to-date version of Think-Inks terms and conditions in place can be found at all times on the Think-Inks website here.

 Marketing Permission 

By using the services provided by Think-Inks, you agree that Think-Inks may send you marketing communications regarding their services. You agree your data will be stored securely for the purposes of providing you with above requested material from Think-Inks. You agree that Think-Inks may send you information on marketing and promotional offers. You agree and understand that Think-Inks may contact you in the future when necessary, regarding update on your orders, deliveries and/or collections. 


All data collected by Think-Inks in connection with the Services will be processed and used in accordance with its publicly posted Privacy Policy, available here.

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