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Are you a fundraiser? Do you already work with other charities? Or do you simply want to make a difference and help those in need? Then Think-Inks is the right place for you. We are always looking for volunteers to help save the planet! There are many ways you can get involved today! 

  • All you need is our Think-Inks Display Box to help raise funds for you charity/cause

  • The more inks you collect, the more money you will help raise for your specific charity

  • The Think-Inks Display Box can be integrated with your existing tasks easily as you are not asking for cash instead, you’re asking for waste product that can generate you cash

Fundraiser for a project (Coming Soon)

You can volunteer with Think-Inks and the projects we're working on. This may be in your local area or nationwide. We are trying to better the planet for everyone in it and would love for you to be a part of an amazing adventure with us! We have projects from local clean ups to planting trees. If you are interested contact us here and let us know so we can be in touch nearer to the time


the main benefits of A fundraiser program:

  • References - Colleges, Universities & Employers love to see volunteer work on your CV. Get that dream job with a personalised reference from the Think-Inks team based on your achievements!

  • Get Paid! – You get money for your Inks. Simple as! 

  • Reduce your carbon footprint – You get to be part of an eco-friendly scheme

  • FREE support - Tailored, reliable service to suit your organisation, we work around you

  • Generate cash from waste – Its easier to ask people for unwanted items that for straight up cash! 

  • FREE Resources – When you join us, we give you a starter pack including posters, handouts, letters, and box labels

  • Donate – You can donate the funds to a charity of your choice

Looking for ways to raise funds for your charity? Why not request our Think-Inks display box to help you. The display box is perfect for events and fundraisers. It can also help you raise awareness to other charities and organisations to raise funds.
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