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Utilise all the free resources we have provided including Leaflets that have provided to you with the Think-Inks Box:

•    Personalise your resources so they are aligned with your brand voice

•    Use as many resources as you can from our website if not all

•    Make sure leaflets/flyers are topped up and available for everyone to see

•    “Eye Catchy” - Remember, the box has been created to catch the attention of customers, so make sure it is visible for your audience to see. This can be so box is placed in front as they are walking into the store or as they are leaving the store

•    Window displays - This a good method to use as it works well to catch customers attention. This may also help you increase your store footfall

Here you will find some useful tips to help you on your Think-Inks journey!

If you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact the team here.


Social Media

•    Social Media is one of the most efficient and FREE way to access a broad audience. As the templates have already been created for you and are ready-to-download this will save you a lot of time

•    Try to post regarding the box on your social media at least 1 – 2 times a week to remind your customers

•    Remind them of the environmental benefits recycling their inks have, to encourage them

•    Try to make your posts engaging. This means create content that you know your audience will like and respond to. This will depend on your audience and brand. You should integrate the content with your brand

voice, so it is aligned with your branding as you know your audience best

•    Post on your feed when your audience are most engaging. This can vary from Target audience, but you know your audience best! If you are not sure when your target audience are most engaging, run some trials

•    You can do trial runs by posting your content at different times. You should keep a report of when you posted them so you can record what time your audience are most engaged. The best way to analyse your engagements is to compare how many likes, view, comments, and impressions of each post has

•    Finally, post on as many platforms you have available. Don’t forget social media is FREE Marketing so utilise this!

•    Don’t forget to TAG US @ThinkInksUK


Remember, anyone can recycle inks and that includes your staff.

•    If you have a lot of employees, you can order another box specifically, you’re your staff room, this will encourage and remind your staff

•    You can use the resources available on our website to send out announcements and messages to your employees through briefings, internal minutes or even if you use social internal platforms such as Yammer, Facebook & WhatsApp to communicate with your employees

•    Ask your employees to point out the box to every single customer. They can do this by asking the “Do you own a printer” if they do they can point and direct them to the box as well as the highlight the environmental benefits of recycling Ink Cartridges

Keep it clean!

•    Remember visuals are important when marketing if your box is dirty, it will reflect the audience as opposed to catch their attention

•    Use a duster or a dry cloth to remove any dust

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