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Recycling for

Are you a waste collector? You could already be collecting valuable inkjet cartridges that will raise you funds. See how we can help you below: 

  • If you collect waste already you can also include inkjet cartridges to your list. This way we can buy them from you! 

  • We are confident our prices are competitive

  • We have over 30 year's experience in the industry and have partnered with leading global remanufactures

  • Not only do we pay top market prices, but we also have a wider range of inks we can pay for

  • We can handle it all - You can supply boxes to businesses i.e your customers offices. Just use our request form and be paid for recycling inks without ever having to handle them

  • IT Waste Collector? You'll be happy to know that we can offer you, and your customer a safe, compliant & hassle-free waste solution in-line with WEEE disposal regulations


the main benefits of  WASTE COLLECTORS

  • No Handling - We do all of the collections for you

  • FREE support - Tailored, reliable service to suit your organisation, we work around you

  • Opportunity to grow – If you are already collecting waste, it will not cost you any extra to ask people for their unwanted inks! 

  • FREE Resources – When you join us, we give you a starter pack including posters, handouts, letters, and box labels

  • Extra Income - Add an additional profit stream to your business

  • FREE Collection - We can collect from your customers on your behalf and credit you for the inks


You can use the Think-Inks Display Box to help you collect your ink donations. You can place your box in each of your vans, whatever works best. Here are your options on where to keep your box:  

  • Trucks & Vans 

  • Office 

  • Staff room 

  • Customers offices

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