Here at Think-Inks we collect used ink cartridges and we recycle them. This will also help you raise funds for your charity or cause.

Let us show you how...

Organising a trip?

Use our Think-Inks initiative to cut costs down.

Any funds raised are yours to use.

Use our site to explain the process.

All questions will be answered in our FAQ page!

We have  downloadable resources available for you.

We can visit your school, girlguiding unit or HQ and offer workshops.

We are passionate about what we do, and we'd love to educate you to maximize the funds you recieve.

We can provide
FREE PERSONALISED resources for your social media channels.

Speak to friends and families, local stores and anyone who can support you.

There are no limits to where you can display your boxes!

We know how much kids love to be appreciated.

Therefore, we will provide your very own, personalised certificate!


You can now use the funds you have raised through Think-Inks!

Whether it's a trip to the fairgrounds, or a treat to the cinemas, enjoy your day out because you've earned it!

We will continue to ensure cartridges STAY in printers!



Take advantage of our Think-Inks Display Box and place them in populated areas. Encourage children, parents, colleagues and customers to help raise funds and make a difference to the environment. You can even place the Think-Inks Display Box in your:

  • Receptions / Offices / Staff Rooms

  • Religious buildings

  • Youth Group Centres