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"i've got inks!!"

Boxes are the fastest way that you can raise money for your organisation. Box collections have a larger capacity and can bring your organisation more money. This is the perfect solution to increase footfall. Such as; Coffee shops, corner stores, takeaways, retail shops and so many more. Even organisations without public access but have long term members such as schools, offices, charities, hospitals etc. The possibilities to raise money are endless! Everyone is welcome to save the planet!

Do you have at least 4 used genuine HP or Canon printhead inkjet cartridges? Perfect! Check that your inks qualify HERE to request a freepost recycle bag and we will send one out to you. Simply place your used printhead inks into the bag and pop them in the post for free! Once we have received them, we will credit your bank account with the funds you have raised. You also have the option to donate the money to charity, so you’ll be saving the planet and helping a cause that’s dear to your heart!

A true superhero!

When your internal Think-Inks Display Box is full, or you have a full box of ink cartridges, you can request a free collection. We will arrange for a courier to collect your used box. If you need a replacement internal box, be sure to select this on your collection request. The used inks will then be taken to the Thinks-Inks processing centre where they will be sorted and processed for reuse and recycle.

Think-Inks will give a value for OEM genuine ink cartridges*. Any ink cartridges which cannot be reused are processed for recycle.Using the Think-Inks recycle service will help towards saving the earth of plastic pollution. 

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You've got inks? Fantastic! Below are the methods you can use to supply your inks to us. Choose the one that's right for your needs. You're only a couple of clicks away! If you're still unsure of what option is best for you, just get in touch with a member of the team!

You can simply recycle your used inks with Think-Inks without using our Freepost Recycle Bag or free collection service. You can send your inks into our sorting facility by arranging your own postage. Your shipment will need to be booked in with our team and a reference number will be provided. Please ensure the reference number is clearly displayed on your shipment, otherwise the shipment will be rejected and returned. To book in a shipment please complete the request form here.

* See Terms & Conditions for details

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